Review- Murder on the Orient Express

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Having never seen the original 1974 rendition of this murder mystery I was not entirely sure what to expect. With a fantastic cast containing the likes of Johnny Depp, Kenneth Branagh who starred and directed, Judi Dench, Willem Dafoe and many more I felt myself wanting more from each of the suspects rather than the great detective Hercule Poirot portrayed by Branagh. You can easily tell the actor had a little too much fun with the rather eccentric pastry obsessed belgian detective, which in turn takes away from the compelling mystery unfolding before your eyes. The movie starts off with a rather confusing and unwanted prologue that feels unnecessary in any context. Then comes the time spent reaching the orient express where the murder takes place, the director does a good job of portraying each of the travelers personality in the short period of time leading up to the murder, but once the questioning comes you start to lose any real interest in what they have to say. In a film that is shot almost entirely on a derailed train, the director did not portray the claustrophobic feeling one would experience being stuck with nowhere else to go by taking passengers on and off the train in the dead of winter. By losing that feeling of being all too close you subsequently lose all suspense which in the end makes this a silly slightly ridiculous experience, rather than a thought provoking thriller like I had hoped.

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