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Coco is the story of 12 year old Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez), a young boy with dreams of becoming a famous musician like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz. The only thing keeping talented Miguel from this is his family’s long time ban of all music. Miguel then decides, despite his family’s aggressive objections, he will find a way to compete in the “El Dia de los Muertes Talent Show”. Once his grandmother discovers this, she smashes his guitar, sending Miguel on a journey to find his inspiration and who he believed to be his great great grandfather, Ernesto de la Cruz. Ernesto was only to be found in the Land of the Dead.  Along his journey through this strange land, he meets his family, who object to his need for music and only want to send him home making sure he will never play music again.

Coco is a gorgeous movie filled with vibrant eye catching colors, and fantastic character animations that capture the essence of each character. Pixar does a fantastic job depicting the rich and beautiful Mexican culture, while introducing many to a holiday they may not know much about. The message you get is that family is family, and no matter what happens, you will do whatever you must to help them. The musical numbers in the film are often time larger than life (no pun intended), each one is enthralling bringing about all the right emotions. The movie starts off slow and rather unoriginal but once they reach the land of the dead and the mexican culture truly begins to come out you will be amazed. Although Coco does not reach the same heights as some of Pixar’s heavy hitters such as Toy Story or Up, it is still a wonderful cinematic experience for the entire family to enjoy.

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