Review- All the Money in the World

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All the Money in the World was already circulating the news before its release, due to the film doing reshoots in order to replace Kevin Spacey after his sexual assault allegations. Replacing Spacey with Christopher Plummer jus a few months before the films release led me to believe that his role could not have been that significant. Turns out that Plummer is in almost half the movie which makes what director Ridley Scott and company pulled off even more impressive. Plummer gives fantastic performance,and doing so in such a short time must be some kind of record. With Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg playing off him in a way that it is hard to imagine anyone else playing the role of J. Paul Getty.

The film follows the true story of the kidnapping of J. Paul Getty’s 16-year-old grandson J. Paul Getty III. The happenings of the kidnapping are best to be seen in the film, both grotesque and heartbreaking each step of the way. Perhaps the surprise of the movie is how cheap Getty actually was, despite being the richest man in the world. He would wash al his own laundry, and even had a payphone installed in his home in case someone had to make a phone call. This being said he also refused to pay his grandsons $17 million ransom.All the money.gif

All the Money in the World is unique as a kidnapping story because the main conflict often is not between the kidnappers and the victim, or the family and the kidnappers, but between Michelle Williams character Abigail Harris Getty, and J. Paul Getty. The kidnappers initially call her for the ransom assuming that since she is a Getty that she is also loaded, when she informs them that she is broke they tell her to get it from the old man. Abigail is essentially just a pawn being pushed in every direction constantly trying to buy more time for her son and negotiate the price of the ransom. With the help of Gettys security guard (Wahlberg) both push Getty to his limits while trying to rescue her son.

Plummers portrayal of the richest man in the world does not show him as a villain, but as a man with an illness. Someone who has grown with such a skewed view of the world only to be constantly confirmed with his ever apparent success and surroundings. Even when given evidence of the kidnapping he still believes someone just has a money angle and its all one plan for his family to try and get rich off of him. A greedy old man who never fully realizes how wrong he really is until the very end.

Director Ridley Scotts ability to pull the cast together despite of time restraints and still unravel a fantastic thriller shows how fantastic he is as a director. A truly remarkable feat in film making that will almost ensure him a Oscar nomination as well as much of the cast. All the Money in the World is definitely worth seeing for anyone who loves a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seats.

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