Review- Justice League

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As many now know, the DC extended universe has become quite a mess trying to quickly compete with Marvels success. And although Justice League is definitely not the worst movie in this universe, it most certainly is not the best. Not unlike Batman vs. Superman Justice Leagues plot is very thin and almost feels like it came out of nowhere. The villain (whose name I had to look up) Steppenwolf was extremely bland, and not at all what one would expect for the Justice Leagues first big screen appearance. Once again the cgi somehow managed to look extremely cheesy and unrealistic despite the films 130 million dollar budget. Now, despite all of these flaws the movie is not horrendous, the newly introduced characters Aquaman played by Jason Mamoa, and Flash portrayed by Ezra Miller are very welcome additions to the team. Mamoas version of the over confident, often times hilarious Aquaman was a great compliment to Millers awkward, quirky take on the Flash. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is once again absolutely fantastic and her presence on screen is an absolute blessing every time. Cyborg would have to be the biggest disappointment simply because his suit is made of entirely too much cgi, making it feel extremely out of place next to the other heroes. The dialogue between the characters is funny, and very charming, but in the end I can not help but feel like Justice League could have been so much more. The one huge positive I can take from this is that the DCEU is looking much better, lets just hope it can only go up from here.

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