Review- Molly’s Game

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Molly Bloom (Jessica Chastain) is an empowering, badass woman, constantly overcoming her bad luck, or terrible life choices. Being just moments away from reaching the Olympics until a freak accident sends her crashing, she quickly recovers finding a job as a receptionist for an extremely unpleasant man. This eventually leads to her running and hustling high stakes poker games.

These are not games for just anybody, these are only for people who can afford the 10,000 dollar buy in every week and constantly lose thousands week in and week out. Among the players is player x (Michael Cera) a celebrity who has an amazing poker game, but a less than stellar moral compass when it comes to destroying the lives of others in the process.

Molly eventually is forced to move things from L.A. to New York where she moves on from celebrities to Wall Street, this is also when Molly begins to become sloppy. Breaking laws and getting caught which eventually causes her to get arrested by federal agents. Threatened with prison unless she cooperates, Molly decides not to, and posts bail. It is her that Charlie Jaffey (Idris Elba) comes in as the squeaky clean lawyer that is tasked with the daunting task of proving Mollys innocence.

Award winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkins directorial debut is expertly crafted with the fast paced well calculated dialogue which he his known for. Using Blooms memoir to work off of while writing this script Sorkin has written and directed one of the best poker movies to come out in years. Chastain puts on an Oscar-worthy performance exposing Molly Bloom for the flawed but brilliant woman she truly was. Idris Elba does everything one would expect of him making every scene he is in electric and even more fun to watch.

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